A Collection of Beautiful Hibiscus


Great Rose Mallow (Hibiscus Grandiflorus)

The Great Rose Mallow (Hibiscus Grandiflorus) is a beautiful Florida Native Hibiscus, blooms in summer & fall, requires full sun, deciduous, very easy to grow.

Perennial, 6-8ft tall with 12″ light pink bloom.

pics for dg-donfederate rose16The Confederate Rose blooms summer and fall.  Flowers open white and fade into pink and then red.  This deciduous, hardy perennial  gets 8-15ft tall.

lord baltimore WEB LGThe Lord Baltimore Hibiscus has a large 10″ wide ruffled crimson-red flower.  Blooms from July until frost.  This perennial also tolerates moist soils.  Will grown in full sun to part shade.

hibiscus lady baltimore web lgThis striking Hibiscus “Lady Baltimore” has large delicate pink flowers with dark eye, blooms summer and fall.  This deciduous perennial is easy to grow in full sun to part shade.

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