azalea -pinxter4 web smBeautiful Florida native Azalea, has fragrant pink tubular flowers in spring.  It is a slower growing, deciduous shrub,can get 10+ ft tall, grows in part shade to shade.  Needs acid soil.  A butterfly attractor for the early butterflies

florida azalea weblgThe Florida Flame Azalea has fragrant flowers ranging from yellow to orange or gold.  Same information as above

azalea-florida3 web smAnother beautiful color of the Florida Flame Azalea

oak leaf hydrangea 1 smOak Leaf Hydrangea is a shade to part shade shrub which can grow to 6+ ft.  It blooms masses of white flowers late spring and early summer and has spectacular fall colors.  Prefers rich, acid soils but will adapts to drier.  Flowers turn pinkish to bronze as they age. Can be used as cut flowers

red anise flower web smA beautiful, shade loving, evergreen shrub.  The Florida Anise blooms in spring, flowers are deep red with ribbonlike petals, brownish, star-shaped capsule in late summer and fall.  Leaves are fragrant. Prefers moist, acid sandy soil.

palamedes on firebush web lgThe Firebush is a great hummingbird and butterfly attractant.  This perennial bush blooms
Spring, Summer, and Fall orange-red tubular flowers followed by black berries.  Has beautiful orangy foliage in the Fall, it is deciduous.  The firebush grows in full sun or part shade and once established is drought tolerant.

muhly in bloom web lgThe Muhly Grass is a drought tolerant, hardy, easy to grow grass, it grows 3-4 ft. tall in full sun or light shade. The blooms in late summer and fall are beautiful pink flowers floating above the foliage like cotton candy.

coral bean web lgThe Cherokee/Coral Bean is an excellent plant for naturalistic landscapes.  This drought tolerant shrub grows in sun to part shade, gets 3-4 ft. tall.  The beautiful red tubular flowers are a great attractant for hummingbirds and butterflies.  The flowers are followed by brown pods that split to expose several attractive red seeds. The plant is deciduous.

beach sunflower5 web smThe Beach/Dune Sunflower is a great ground cover for sunny to light shade areas, fast growing.  It blooms yellow daisy-like flowers spring, summer, and fall.

scarlet hib1 weblgScarlet Hibiscus has spectacular scarlet-red blooms in summer and fall which are very attractive to hummingbirds. This deciduous perennial is great for wet areas.

coral honeysuckle5 web lgThe Coral Honeysuckle is an excellent vine for trellises, arbors and fences.  The showy scarlet red to orange tubular and trumpet shaped flowers, blooming spring, summer and fall are very attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies.  A scarlet red berry appears in summer and fall.  This evergreen vine can be grown in sun to part shade.

crossvine2 web sm

The Cross Vine can be used in naturalistic landscapes, excellent for covering fences.  Can be grown in sun to part shade, but blooms best in sun.  This evergreen vine blooms in spring and early summer yellow and orange trumpet-shaped flowers which are often visited by hummingbirds.

carolina jessamine3 web sm

Carolina Yellow Jessamine is a beautiful winter and spring blooming vine which is excellent for use on mailboxes, trellises, arbors or to hide chain-link fences and can be grown as ground cover.  The bright yellow trumpet shaped flowers are very fragrant.  It can be grown in sun to part shade.  This vine is evergreen.

chickasaw plum3 web smThe Chickasaw Plum is a multistemmed  shrub or very small tree which has a showy display of  masses of white flowers in the late winter, early spring, fruit follows.  Good for wildlife food and cover plus soil stabilization.  Best in naturalistic settings.

red buckeye web lgThe Red Buckeye is an excellent small tree or understory shrub, grows to 12-20ft.  The red tubular flowers are magnificent in early spring and are hummingbird and butterfly attractants.  The Buckeye blooms Feb-Apr.  It is deciduous, can grow in full sun to shade.

redbud7 web lgThe Redbud has a profusion of bright magenta to rosy-pink flowers Feb-Mar prior to the new leaves which are heart-shaped.  This attractive flowering tree is excellent as a small shade or specimen tree.  This deciduous tree gets to be 15-30ft tall.

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