THERE ARE SO MANY BEAUTIFUL PLANTS FLOWERING RIGHT NOW - HERE ARE JUST A FEW! The Big leaf Princess Flower has royal blue flowers which appear in spectacular terminal inflorescence, has large, fuzzy leaves. Prefers dappled shade or morning sun at most, blooms summer, fall. big leaf tibouchina1 weblg Close up of Princess Flower tibouchina big leaf1 web sm The Dwarf Yellow Mussaenda is a great butterfly attractant.  This beautiful shrub grows to about 3-4ft.  The pale yellow bracts indicate where the next darker yellow fragrant star-shaped flowers will be.  Flowers summer and fall and is deciduous. Tolerates sun or light shade mussaenda dwarf yellow 2014 weblg The Kaleidoscope Abelia is one of the most colorful of the Abelia family.  It has different foliage colors during the different seasons.  The followers are lightly fragrant white during summer and fall.  This shrub attracts a large array of butterflies. abelia kaleidoscope blooming2 weblg It gets 2-3ft high and 3-4ft wide.  This is truly a plant for all seasons. abelia canyon creek blooming1 weblg Canyon Creek Abelia is another beautiful and colorful plant, gets about 5-6ft tall with arching branches. Tecoma Stans “Bells of Fire” attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.  Loves the sun or part shade and blooms Spring, Summer, Fall tecoma belles of fire1 2014 weblgTecoma Stans “Lydia” is a good companion for the “Bells of Fire”.  This also attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.  Both shrubs are deciduous and like sun to light shade.tecoma lydia 2014 weblg The American Wisteria “Amethyst Falls” makes a beautiful Vine on a fence, arbor or trellis. It blooms more than once a year and is deciduous. wisteria blooms2 weblg Thryallis or Shower of Gold is a very long blooming shrub with cluster of yellow flowers, can be pruned to size. thryallis1 weblg Close up of Thryallis cluster of flowers: thryallis web lg “Red Cluster” bottlebrush is one of the best hummingbird attractants.  This evergreen shrub gives color most of the season and prefers mostly sun.  Great for screening or just on its own bottlebrush3 web sm   The dwarf bottlebrush  is a striking addition to any sunny garden.  It is very slow growing and can be kept very short.  So, for those of you who like bottlebrush but do not want a tall, large shrub like the “Red Cluster” this is it. dwarf bottlebrush1 web smThe Blue Butterfly Flower is a long bloomer and attracts many pollinators.  This dual color shrub is very delicate looking but very hardy.  A must-have in any butterfly garden. blue butterfly flower sm See the lovely bumblebee hard at work pollinating this beautiful shrub bee on blue butterfly SL web lg For attracting all kinds of pollinators the White Flowering Almond Bush cannot be beat.  The white flowers are very fragrant.  It can get to be a very large shrub, but can be contained by frequent pruning even during blooming.

 white  almond1 web lg

Close up of White Flowering Almond Bush: pollinators 2012 034 weblg Adding color, fragrance, butterflies and bees to your yard doesn’t have to be hard! Visit Taylor Gardens Nursery and we’ll help you find the easiest low maintenance plants for your fall project!

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